Plantas de Aguacate Certificadas: Contamos con plantas de aguacate certificadas a nivel de laboratorio, libres de la tristeza del aguacatero y con genética altamente adaptable a toda la republica mexicana. No compre plantas sin certificación ya que puede tener pérdidas en su inversión, no arriesgue su capital, asegurese de que la planta que esta adquiriendo este libre de enfermedades y que su genética este disponible para su maxima expresión en producción. Apartelas con tiempo y no se quede sin planta para el establecimiento de su huerta. Avocado plants certified: We avocado plants certified in the laboratory, free from the sadness of avocado and highly adaptive gene throughout the Mexican republic. Do not buy plants without certification as it may have losses in your investment, do not risk your capital, make sure the plant you are buying is free of disease and its genetics is available to its maximum expression in production. Tease apart in time and not run out ground for the establishment of the orchard.

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

We Chinese or American backers / 我们中国或美国的支持者

We are looking for an equity partner of Chinese or American origin to invest in our company with U.S. $ 10 million, for the development and marketing of avocado plants in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, New Zealand, Australia and also to market fruits avocado from these countries to be distributed in the Republic of China. We guarantee that your investment will be very lucrative and you will get great benefits immediately. Contact with us as soon as we need of capital injection molding to meet growth targets for this year raised. The plant trade and Hass avocado fruit is growing and gives investors high returns for their capital.
Phone: +52 3414134999
Cel phone: +52 3411243021
Nextel: +52 3315666221   ID: 92*909102*1


电话: +52 3414134999
 移动电话: +52 3411243021
Nextel: +52 3315666221  ID: 92*909102*1

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